Document Scanning
Preparation for scanning includes smoothing, removal of paperclips, staples and deconstructing three-ring binders and plastic-spine presentation binders. Post-it notes are removed and scanned as adjacent sheets, or otherwise consistent with customer requirements. PaperLite scans with 250 DPM (dots per inch per millimeter) input resolution for good resolution with moderate storage requirements, or input can be increased up to 1200 DPM for improved image and increased storage costs.
This premium service is designed for rapid turnaround for immediate file requirements. Files are priority scanned and delivered to the cloud in real-time for client review; up to 10,000 documents reviewed in each 24-hour period.
Document boxes or files are delivered to our scanning center and included into the production schedule, with a 30-day to 60-day turnaround. This service is best for an ongoing or planned project.
Image Digitization
We accept a wide range of file types for digitization, including conversion uploaded by customers using a dedicated VPN link. In the case of files from SharePoint systems we set up a sharing link to our Azure/SharePoint environment. File conversion can be delivered in real time with output results available according to a specified service level agreement.
Metadata Auto-Tagging
Document attributes such as author, origination date and classification should be included in the metadata. From this information a retention period can be established and added. In the absence of classification this can be determined automatically and also tagged.


At PaperLite, we have the ability to scan and process a variety of documents in physical and digital form.


Documents that provide a detailed breakdown of the goods or services provided, along with the cost and any applicable taxes. Invoices are typically sent from a supplier to a customer.


Legal documents that outline the terms and conditions of a business agreement between two parties.

Purchase Orders

Used to request goods or services from a supplier. Purchase orders include information such as the quantity, description, and price of the items being ordered.

Bills of Lading

Confirmation of the receipt of goods for shipment: name of carrier, destination, and weight /quantity of the goods being shipped.


Documents authorizing the transfer of funds from one account to another.


Proof of payment for goods or services including date of purchase, amount paid, and name of seller.

Credit Memos

Used to adjust a customer's account balance due to a return or credit.

Bank Statements

A record of transactions in a bank account over a specific period of time.