We are certified experts in document scanning and records information management, at the lowest cost in the business. Beyond scanning, our expertise in information governance enables worry-free disposal of documents earmarked for destruction.

Our service-driven, fulltime staff handles all your process and property. We use industrial-class scanning equipment and industry-endorsed software.

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At PaperLite, we understand the importance of embracing the digital age and believe in maximizing the potential it holds for your business. We are committed to providing High-Quality and Accurate Scanning along with Effective Metadata Capture and Indexing. Data Security and Confidentiality are our top priorities as we provide a full-service solution to information management and governance.

High-Quality and Accurate Scanning

We know that document and records managers need high-quality and accurate digitization services. We use advanced industrial scanning equipment capable of producing clear and legible digital copies. Our expertise includes handling various document types, sizes, and formats, ensuring accurate image capture and preservation of important details.  

Metadata Capture 
and Indexing

Efficient document management relies on effective metadata capture and indexing. We capture relevant metadata during the digitization process. This includes information such as document titles, dates, authors, and any other pertinent details. Indexing capabilities, allowing for easy and accurate search and retrieval of digitized documents, are standard. . 

Data Security and 

We prioritize the security and confidentiality of your digitized records. PaperLite has SOC 2 level protocols in place to protect sensitive information during the scanning and digitization process. This includes secure transportation and storage of documents, as well as the implementation of data encryption, access controls, and secure storage solutions for the digitized files. 


"For what they do in records management, PaperLite offers the best value we know about-- and we've worked with many vendors."

Elizabeth H. Financial Manager, Los Angeles

"PaperLite presented our organization with a disposition project plan that called for exactly what we needed. In our experience PaperLite's know-how about document management best-practices is unmatched.".

Paul C. Executive Manager, Fortune-500 Company in AZ

"Right on price, expertise and service. We're impressed with PaperLite's range of skills and knowledge of our needs."

Practice Manager Law Firm in Phoenix, AZ