Claim Your Gold in Intelligent Document Processing

Attention all business owners and records managers: Are you digging for the riches buried in the documents you create every day? You should be.

OK, maybe not gold literally but there is real value hiding in the piles of paper you generate, from simple restaurant receipts to the complex paperwork used in your supply chain.

A rapidly evolving field known as intelligent document processing or IDP, fueled by artificial intelligence, automates the processing and understanding of unstructured data: images, videos, audio and text files found in almost every kind of business document.

Turning Data Into Actionable Information

But to turn data into information, you must know which files and records are where and how long you’ve had them.

Now you can instantly classify documents according to content, structure, or purpose. No more manual sorting and organization of receipts, files and records that takes time and costs money. Put into digital formats, stacks of documents are transformed into editable and searchable digital formats.

Drive Your Business Forward with Intelligent Document Processing

Intelligent document processing can extract relevant, essential information from common documents. Think names, addresses, dates, and financial figures. Algorithms now understand the context and extract data accurately, eliminating expensive, manual data entry -- faster, cheaper and more reliable.

It adds up to valuable, actionable information to drive your business forward. There’s gold in those piles of files.